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Qingdao City

The Port of Qingdao was established in 1892. Located in the Yellow River basin and on the western Pacific Rim, it is an important hub of international trade and sea freight transportation. As a natural deepwater port free of silt and freezing, the Port of Qingdao has established trade relations with over 450 ports in more than 130 countries and areas. It provides services of loading and unloading, storage and logistics for containers, coal, iron ore, crude oil, grain, etc., as well as passenger services. It is a comprehensive million-ton capacity port capable of handling all kinds of general cargo, bulk cargo, and large equipments.

The Port of Qingdao is among the strongest of world ports in terms of comprehensive strength, it can accommodate the largest vessels in the world. In 2010, Qingdao port achieved a record volume of over 350million tons and 12.01million TUE, becoming the 8th largest sea port of the world.

With beautiful environment and pleasant climate, Qingdao is a tourist resort and hosted 2008 Olympic sailing competition.

Shandong Province

Shandong province is an important coastal province in East China. Located on the lower reaches of the Yellow River, it borders on the Bohai sea and Yellow Sea and overlooks the Korean Peninsula and the Japan Archipelago across a vast stretch of sea. With a total area of 156,000 square kilometers and a population of over 90 million, Shandong province is abundant with natural resources, rich in plants, marine livings and mineral products. Meanwhile, its light industry, such as the handicraft industry and textile manufacturing, is also well developed.

The expressway system of Shandong province is being perfected. Now the expressway open to traffic amounts to over 4,700 kilometers and occupies the second place of China. It takes no more than one day from Qingdao to any other part in the province.

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